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Moser Consulting has a proud twenty-six-year history of adeptly supporting the vital missions and services of Federal, State and Local government customers, as well as commercial customers in a variety of industries. For more than twelve years we have supported large enterprise-level systems for the Nation’s largest health insurer with more than 60 million covered lives. This experience provides us with a deep understanding of the criticality, and visibility, of these systems and the stakeholders who depend upon them to administer and receive life sustaining benefits.


SKILLs and Experience — With over 50+ Developers and Consultants in our Application Development Practice, we deliver quality product with high-velocity. Our teams contain the optimal mix of skill levels and experience, allowing us to excel at delivery, while remaining vigilant about cost. Chemistry is a significantly underrated variable when it comes to teams building software, and our company retention rate of 94%, which significantly exceeds the industry average, provides stability to build that chemistry.

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT TECHNOLOGIES Moser has dedicated Scrum teams for .NET Development, as well as Open Source Development. Our technology depth is diverse and unmatched and includes .NET, .NET Core, Angular, React, Vue, Java, Ruby, Rails, Node, native iOS and Android, Ionic, React Native and Docker.


HUMAN-CENTERED DESIGN — We’re committed to human-centered design and focus on the end user’s perspective in all steps of the design process. This results in products with higher user satisfaction and adoption, increased productivity, and reduced user stress. We create and deliver a seamless and intuitive experience for the user – we actively collaborate with our customers through interviews and shadowing to ensure we are solving their problems and delivering a superior product. 

AGILE METHODOLOGY — We are experienced and mature practitioners of Agile, with multiple scrum teams running concurrently. Agile is an essential framework that allows us to solve complex technical issues and to build product
that has never been built before, while dynamically involving the customer throughout. This provides essential checkpoints and the opportunity for enhancements early and often. 


PLATFORM DIVERSITY — Moser’s technical agility and experience allows us to deploy our developed products on a variety of platforms – Cloud, Mobile, Web, and, of course, On Premise.

Cloud or On-Prem — We have demonstrated past performance deploying on all major cloud platforms: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud. We also have Container Capability, including extensive Docker experience and orchestration with technologies like Kubernetes.

Mobile — Our experience with mobile implementations is deep and diverse and includes native iOS development in objective C and Swift, native Android Development in Java, and native cross-platform development in React Native and Ionic.

Moser offers a full array of services across five divisions.

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Success Stories

National Healthcare Provider

This client is one of the largest health benefits providers in the U.S, covering over 79 million lives to include Federal employees covered under the Federal Employee Program (FEP). 

The client’s health care providers utilize an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to access medical information from a multitude of records systems for both patients and providers. Service response times routinely went beyond the 30 and 60 second thresholds for the IVR system, resulting in error messages being relayed to their providers, instead of the requested information. Additionally, the system lacked error reporting, leading to a deluge of untraceable errors. This resulted in serious findings against the client during audits of the system. 

Moser engaged with the client to deliver a new application using a modern microservices architecture. These services were deployed behind an Application Programming Interface (API) management tool, to allow secure access by the IVR system. Each service had enhanced logging, diagnostics and error reporting. These metrics were compiled into daily performance and error reports. The reports provided traceability to error responses, allowing the client to address issues in the source systems that our services relied on, as well as greatly reducing audit findings for untracked errors. The performance level of the new services was much higher than their legacy counterparts, leading to a 50% or greater reduction in response times across all service calls. 

During the engagement, the Moser Application Development team achieved the following:

  • Orchestrated a Waterfall to Agile transformation, or a
    “hybrid waterfall” approach, to accommodate customer preference and development maturity

  • Modernized legacy code into current tools and architectures

  • Created high-demand, high-performance REST-based
    API systems 

  • Created API management platforms and service delivery 

  • Managed security within a highly-complex
    server/network structure 

  • Enabled granular system logging and comprehensive
    reporting/analysis of captured data 

Transportation Company 

This client is the leading provider of semi-trailers to fleets and independent transportation companies. Moser led a project with the client to design and develop a modern customer portal application. The client’s customers needed real-time access to a large amount of lease and rental equipment data. This new application accommodates several customer roles by allowing users to securely log in and perform relevant and timely business functions. 

The Moser Application Development Team leveraged Human-Centered Design, working with the client and with their customers to understand their business processes in order to define and design the application.
The team shared an interactive prototype first, to gather additional feedback, and used that feedback to evaluate and refine the final project requirements. 

After the discovery and design phase, the Moser team developed the application in an Agile manner utilizing the Scrum framework. After each two-week development sprint, the progress was shared with the client and desired changes were addressed in the next cycle. 

Despite the portal’s data being stored at multiple locations, each user’s experience was carefully considered, and the data presentation was tailored for each role. Some of the critical data points for inclusion were: 

  • Customer and company information

  • Equipment and trailer details

  • Live equipment location via GPS

  • Business contracts and agreements

  • Maintenance and work history

  • Invoices, payments and payment history

The Moser team leveraged data from five different systems in total, but the customer portal application completely masked this complexity. By presenting each user an intuitive interface containing timely information, the client’s customers were quickly able to find what they needed, resulting in more confidence and trust in their provider.

Moser App Services

18% of the U.S. workforce are likely to be affected by generative AI in 2023

Moser App Services

Establishing the Importance of Making Your Websites and Applications More Inclusive 

Establishing the importance of making your websites and applications inclusive

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